Who can separate the waves of sea? Who can count the sunrays? Who can measure the dust particles lying beneath the earth? Who can count the stars of the Universe? Then who could measure the creation of holiness of the pilgrimage? The same kind of pilgrimage has been created on the land of Gujarat. The history repeats itself, because the same cultural history has been repeated in Gujarat after centuries. By the inspiration of goddess’s dream, pilgrims like Delvada, Ranakpur, etc. has been created in the past, and same kind of event will be a landmark in the history. At bavla ‘SAVTTHI TIRTHDHAM’ the grand creation of 84 Jinalayas has took place which is a pride and first of its kind event inspired by the same kind of dream, it will spread the fragrance of devotion in many years to come. At the midnight of 18th November 1981, Goddess Padmavati appeared in the dream seen by Pujya Gurudev Shri Jinchandra Vijayji Maharajsaheb(right now Pujya Acharyadev Shri) and inspired him to create pilgrimage of 52 Jinalayas. Seeing this dream Pujya Shri was amazed. I want to be a God and want to make everyone God; remembering this statement, which was generated from within soul, and he guides everyone to follow this. And he states that who wants to be a God has to make a temple and set up an idol of a God and has to do pranpratishtha of God. By this soul becomes God and this becomes an inspirational example for all wherever he goes and spreads this message and every devotee inspires to build a temple. This inspirational Guru Pujya Gurudev Shri became pure, blessed and he prayed to Goddess and told hey Maa I do not have any potential devotee and Maa replied child you just inspire the people the further responsibilities are mine. You do not worry and take this valuable prasad and the cycle of dream started because of Maa’s prasad and is still continue. The devotees donate land for temple with free land and the work goes on of pilgrimage. This is an uncommon and true event.

After that an unbreakable chain of dram has started and it includes land donation, land inspection, land worship and historical foundation stone laying ceremony, dwarshakh establishment, etc. are efforts that spread customs.

For the first time in India, the grand 84 Jinalays created and this pilgrimage has become reality. The belief is that it has created for the welfare of Chaturvidh Sangh. After the starting of Pilgrimage’s pratishtha ritual on auspicious day, at auspicious time, the responsibility to look after the process and to inspire the devotees is of Gods. Devotees donate without demand. Through this donation creation never face the difficulties, which is uncommon and wonderful in SAVTTHI TIRTHDHAM. Whenever Pujya Gurudev entered in any village and done maas kalp and chaturmaas worship at that places wonderful fragrance spread and devotees comes from that villages for giving donations.

Devotees donate from Re. 1/- to biggest amount with love. The process of pilgrimage building goes on because of Adhithayak Gods. In this pilgrimage more than three hundred big worship has done for God and in this worship devotees felt the grace of God. And the blessing is still continuing after the years.

The process of renovation and creation always goes on is the pilgrimage. In the childhood Pujya Gurudev used to visit Ranakpur Temple on every full moon day and the same kind of feelings developed and he address this temple as mini Ranakpur. Let’s go to SAVTTHI TIRTHDHAM same as mini Ranakpur and embrace God.

Everyday we see the waves of sea, the current of river, and the rainfall from sky at every four months in a year, we have seen so many times infinite feelings of devotees for God from heart. We have seen so many times group of peacocks enjoying the monsoon. Thousands of people enjoy the music of musician. The same kind the feeling we are experiencing because our grate Gurudevshri has a dream (from childhood) has turned in to a reality i.e. idol of God in the temple. Pujya Gurudevshri repeatedly says that to avoid the fera of chorasi lakhjiva yoni there should be 84 temples, and those 84 Jintemples should be flagged. Also it should be of great height that is talking to sky like mini Ranakpur.

Historic Point:

At the midnight of 18th November 1981, Goddess Padmavati appeared in the dream seen by Pujya Gurudevshri Munipravar Shrimad Jinchandra Vijayji Maharajsaheb(right now Pujya Acharyadev) was leading pad yatya sangh 500 pilgrims from Ahmedabad to Palitana at Bhayala place. By dream she inspired and ordered to create matchless pilgrimage.

Bhagavati Maiya Shri Padmavati inspired to create a pilgrimage by appearing into a dream. Seeing this dream Pujya Shri was amazed and blessed. In the same night Shri Dharnendra Maharaj appeared as Nagdevta, everyone was shocked and curious and at that time Pujya Shri entered in the camp and told not to panic and he started to mutter Uvsaggaharam. Devotees lighten up divas and everyone was blessed with appreance of Shri Dharnendra Maharaj. After it Pujya Shri decided to convert this dream into reality and on the next day the sangh continued their journey.

After spreading this matter of dream feelings, blessings and devotion has increased. This matter spread during the 18days journey of sangh wherever they gone. Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Palitana and other places of India where followers of Gurudev are exists and they all were excited. Shri Simandhar Swami has mentioned in Dharm Deshna, there is no pilgrimage such as Shri Sidhachal Tirth.

Bhagavn Shri Mahavirswami has also come to this pilgrimage that is why this pilgrimage is famous in three loks. The Pravesh Mahotsav, Mokshmala Paridham Mahotsav were celebrated on grand scale of this holy pilgrimage in the presence of thousands of devotees.

In this historical pilgrim of sang has different donors. Almost everyday different Ministers of Gujarat State came to greet the pilgrim of sangh.

Dream Parampara:

At midnight of 3rd January 1982, Goddess Padmavati inspired Bavala Village’s Shri Haribhai Chaganbhai Bharvad to donate land. As the dream came he went to Palitana. At that time Pujya Shri was used to seat at Palitana, so Shri Haribhai went to Palitana with Gujarat State Revenue Tax Minister Shri Narendrasinhaji Jhala who believe in Pujya Shri and also with other well-known four to five persons. Shri Haribhai explain the dream and shown readiness to donate the land.

Land Inspection:

After that Pujya Gurudevshri came from Palitana to Bavla and stayed at gopalal dairy. On one auspicious morning he went on donated land with more than two hundred devotees and inaugurated at 9: 05 AM with traditional rituals, at that time devotees felt fragrance coming out from land and voices of Gods from sky by these devotees blessed and danced in these owner. Everyone was speaking jainam jayatai shashnam…bolo Padmavati Maatki Jay. At the same time and same place elephant came as God Ganpati appeared and once again everyone said bolo Padmavati Maatki Jay. Shri Haribhai was present with family prayer to Shri Padmavati Mataji and said only because of your dream inspiration to create a Pilgrimage I have donated this land.

Everyone welcomed the land with Akshat and blessed with Pooja done with kanku and said aa che jin shashanni balihari, aa che dharmni balihari bolo pujya guru devki jay…

At the same time grandsons Sheth Shri Jivanbhai Gokalbhai Bharvad, Sheth Shri Arjanbhai Gokalbhai Bharvad and Sheth Shri Manubhai Gokalbhai Bharvad of Shri Gokalbhai Ranchodbhai Bharvad donated the adjacent plot. The devotees honoured Land donors and their families.

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